Audit & Assurance

ECOVIS Clark Jacobs provides an audit service which is beyond statutory compliance. We work with you to understand your business, identify risks and provide insights from our expertise.

Our audit team is experienced and equipped to provide audit and assurance services to all types of entities and businesses. Our extensive experience includes listed and unlisted public companies, foreign owned companies, large private businesses, and not-for-profit organisations such as associations, charities, non-government schools, and foundations.

We focus on a collaborative approach, delivering value and not just compliance. Although meeting your statutory obligations is a priority, our team is trained to go beyond statutory compliance by working with your management to identify the key risks that impact your business, industry, accounting systems and IT systems. We can then develop a targeted approach to address these risks, identify opportunities for improvement, formulate recommendations and provide a comprehensive report to the key stakeholders. 

We offer a range of audit and assurance services such as:

  • External audit
  • Internal audit
  • Trust account audits
  • AFSL audits
  • Agreed upon procedures engagements
  • Government grant acquittals
  • Compliance audits, including industry specific compliance for non-government schools (section 83c) and not-for-profit entities in general, including ANCP funding
  • Risk profiling and management
  • Due diligence
  • Special reviews
  • Financial reporting and advisory
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Fraud prevention and review
  • Internal control advice and process improvement