Illness or injury could strike at any time and rob you of the ability to earn an income. The right cover can safeguard your family’s well-being, protect your lifestyle and assets, and help ensure you reach your financial dreams.

We specialise in personal and business risk protection. This includes business continuity insurance, income protection insurance, trauma, life, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) cover; both at an individual level and also group risk protection for companies who want to protect their staff.

Drawing on our team’s collective experience, working with a hand-selected support team, and utilising our industry relationships, we’ll give you the individual attention you deserve and provide the best possible outcome for your personal financial circumstances.

We can offer:

  • A wealth of experience specialising in risk advice
  • Licensed brokers with access to every insurer in the market
  • Competitive protection from leading underwriters, based on quality and price
  • Advice tailored solely in your best interests
  • Ongoing support through the claims process, ensuring it’s as stress-free as possible


Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insurance Pty Ltd is a joint venture owned by Ecovis Clark Jacobs and MBS Insurance.

As a firm, Ecovis Clark Jacobs made the decision that, in order to provide holistic advice to our clients, we needed the capability to advise around insurance. 

We strongly believe that, in order to provide holistic advice to our clients, we need the capability to advise on insurance. It is important to us that this advice is given under our stewardship and via a company we are actively involved with, to ensure the quality of advice and service our clients receive matches the quality of advice and service already received from Ecovis Clark Jacobs; both at the time their insurance is written, as well as in the event of a claim.

We didn’t have the experience in-house to offer this to our clients, so we chose to partner with a firm that already excels in this area.  The vision and values of Ecovis Clark Jacobs and MBS Insurance are closely aligned, and MBS’s proven reputation and depth of experience in the insurance industry will ensure clients receive the highest standard of advice.   

Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insurance  Pty Limited ABN 58 623 472 800 is an Authorised Representative of Bombora Advice Pty Ltd ABN 40 156 250 565 Level 2, 406 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC  3000  AFSL 439065. 


  • Chris Mackenzie

  • Brent McCullough

Senior Adviser - Sydney, NSW +612 9264 1111


Chris joined MBS Insurance in October 2012.

A key member of the MBS Adviser team, Chris has been integral to the success of MBS Insurance and heavily contributed to see MBS Insurance become one of the largest writers of new risk insurance policies in the nation.

Following his success managing key relationships for MBS Insurance, Chris was the obvious choice to head up the newly established Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insurance services.

Chris has achieved outstanding results working alongside some of Australia’s most professional accountants and wealth managers, using the relationships he has forged with insurers to ensure his clients receive the most favourable outcome possible.

Chris became a Partner of MBS Insurance in July 2017.

Significant Matters

  • Key contributor to Bombora Advice (Risk Specialist Dealer Group)
  • Specialist Risk Adviser – High Net Wealth Individuals, Family Groups and SME’s
  • 2017 TAL Adviser of the Year (NSW)
  • 2017 AIA Adviser of the Year (NSW)

Areas of expertise

  • Insurance


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering & Project Management, University of Sydney
  • Diploma of Financial Planning, Kaplan
Senior Adviser - Sydney, NSW +612 9264 1111


Having spent the first 8 years of his working life in financial services, Brent’s passion for golf eventually took him onto professional tours around the world.

Upon starting a family in 2013, Brent returned home and began work for MBS Insurance. In the time since, he has been a significant contributor to the growth of the business, developing and managing a number of key relationships and was made a partner of MBS in July 2017. Brent is noted for the provision of honest, transparent advice simply explained and has quickly and consistently built great trust in all of the accounting practices in which he has worked.

Having experienced the sudden loss of his father many years ago and knowing the ramifications for the family left behind, Brent is passionate about the importance of financial support at that time and takes great pride in providing claims support to his clients.

Having worked with many accountants and wealth managers, Brent brings proven results for their clients, utilizing insurer relationships to ensure that they are obtaining the best outcome available in the market.

Significant Matters

  • Specialist Risk Advisor – High Net Wealth Individuals, Family Groups and SME’s

Areas of expertise

  • Insurance


  • Bachelor of Commerce, Macquarie University
  • Diploma of Financial Planning, Kaplan

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Ecovis Clark Jacobs Insurance Pty Ltd
Level 20/1 Market Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: +61 2 9264 1111
Fax: +61 2 9264 1344


“I recently engaged Ecovis Clark Jacobs to undertake a review of my existing insurance policies. I’d been told by my previous advisors that due to my medical history I would not be able to improve on my current policy. Brent and Chris at Ecovis reviewed the arrangements and were able to place me with new policies that saved me over $20 000 a year in premiums and also gave me a higher cover. The whole process was simple, transparent and timely. Brent and Chris were great to deal with! I would encourage anyone with personal insurance to engage Ecovis for an honest , professional appraisal.”

Manny Spinola, August 2019


“ECJ Insurance made it simple and easy for me to claim on my trauma insurance. Initially I didn't even realise that I was eligible to make a claim however ECJ Insurance were proactive in discovering my eligibility when updating my policy details.

They provided all the relevant documentation I had to complete to submit my claim and assisted me along the way. They were responsive to any queries I had and kept me updated on the status of my claim. The overall claim process went smoothly with a great outcome. I would highly recommend ECJ Insurance for all insurance needs. ”

Jo Ann Leong, October 2019


"In 2017 I was introduced to ECJ for accounting services and soon found that their professionalism and in depth understanding of my asset class was saving me substantial amounts of money. When they established ECJ Insurance last year I signed up immediately and again have been most impressed by the results they have delivered. I have no hesitation in recommending their services."

Hector Abbott, November 2019


"I have been a client of ECJ insurance since the start and my experience has always been exceptional. Brent answers all my questions in a timely manner and is great at explaining difficult policies in an easy to understand manner. The whole process was simple and transparent. I have personally referred many of my close friends to them knowing that they are in great hands."

Dr Carl Pan, November 2019