ECJ Online is our one-stop digital accounting and payroll service combining the skills of specialist, Xero-certified bookkeepers with the experience of our accounting team.

With access to real-time data from the Cloud, a dedicated team of bookkeepers, and utilising best of breed cloud technology, our clients have the information they need to make critical business decisions and to collaborate in real time with their ECJ bookkeepers.

Our bookkeepers literally sit right next to your accountant. So, no matter what your query is, from a simple bookkeeping question to something much more complicated, we have you covered.

Access Our Insight

We have done the hard work for our clients and selected the best of breed add-ons to streamline and simplify how imformation flows into Xero. This means our clients can spend more time doing what they do best.....growing their business!

Performance Management

How often does your bookkeeper, or accountant, talk to you about your budget? Or benchmark your business to its peers? Combining the skills of both the dedicated team of bookkeepers within ECJ Online and ECOVIS Clark Jacobs means that these key conversations happen seamlessly because all of your business's accounts are live and accessible in real time!