Online & Digital

The opportunities for existing businesses to expand and for new businesses to be born in the digital age is unprecedented. The speed at which consumers, be they businesses or individuals, can find what they need online has brought about a fundamental shift in business thinking and a revolution in how businesses interact with their customers.

At ECOVIS Clark Jacobs we have the knowledge and experience to help you drive your new media business forward. We work with clients in the health and fitness industry, retail, digital marketing and advertising and television production industries, and have provided them with both pragmatic and commercially sensible advice along with accounting and tax services tailored to their company’s individual requirements.

Talk to us about:

  • Business structures
  • Asset protection
  • Cash flow  & taxation planning
  • Business & personal insurance
  • Risk minimisation
  • R&D tax offset
  • Purchase / sale of practice
  • Retirement / auccession planning
  • Debt structure / efficiency
  • Investment planning
  • Tax return & accounts preparation